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Type 5GPTM is a general purpose, standard density gypsum based Cementitious Fireproofing. It is used in areas of normal building atmospheres where fireproofing is within occupant reach.

Type 5MDTM is a medium density gypsum

based Cementitious Fireproofing.It is used in

all areas where gypsum plaster or wallboard

could also be used.

Type 5EFTM is a standard density gypsum based Cementitious Fireproofing. It is specifically designed for use on electrified floors.

Type 7GPTM is a general purpose, medium density Portland cement based Fireproofing designed for use when standard or medium

density fireproofing is required and water

exposure is a concern.

Type 7HDTM is a high density Cementitious Fireproofing formulatedfor use on the more demanding building service conditions. 

Type 1XRTM is a high density Portland cement Cementitious Fireproofing.It is used in petrochemical and other demanding service conditions.

Type 7TBTM is a Portland cement based

thermal barrier to provide code required interior finish ratings to plastic foams.

Type DKTM is a substrate pre-coat that is spatter-applied prior tofireproofing to improve fireproofing retention during fire exposure.

Type HCTM is an extra high density spray-applied protective cladding for Cementitious Fireproofing where a high strength finish is required.

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